Weekly outline

  • General

    The Main Library of Warsaw University of Technology- first steps course was created for those students who have already started studies at WUT and also for  any other interested users. It contain the most significant rules of using Warsaw University of Technology Main Library.

  • About WUT Libraries – location and holdings

    Is it true that WUT has more than 30 libraries?

    Where can I find information about their addresses and opening hours?

  • Printed resources and lending rules

    Where can I find an information about printed library resources?

    What is open stacks?

    What does a red label mean?

    What does it mean F34 symbol?

    Can I request books from Open Stacks?

  • Electronic resources

    Where can I find information about e-resources?

    Can I use e-resources at home?

    What is a difference between title list of e-resources and list of e-databases

    Where can find polish e-books?

  • WUT Main Library - Location

    What is located on each floor?

    Where can I borrow books?

    Where can I find computers with Internet?

    Where can I print, scan, copy?

    Where standards reading room is located?

  • Registration

    How to enroll to the WUT Main Library?

    What should I know about my library card?

  • Searching in WUT central catalogue & Library account

    How can I find books in WUT central catalogue?

    Haw request a book?

    Where can I find due date of each book?

    How can I prolong the book?

    How much is overdue fine?

  • Any questions?

    Come to us: WUT Main Library – Reference Center, rooms 161 B,C

    Mail to us: oin@bg.pw.edu.pl

    Call us: 22 234 7300

    Find us on Facebook